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  • Ziggi Murphy

A response to a Fb post

By responding to this post I will be answering one of the candidate questions circulating. No, I wouldn't have discussions on social media. Social media shows itself time and time again to be a platform for bringing people down. Every election it happens and every election nothing changes. The irony is that the very thing that people complain about 'a toxic purple circle' but yet quite often start to behave in a similar manner. Everyone can have their favourite, as they should. However not at the cost of bringing other candidates down. I wish all the candidates well.

Fb has it's good points but is far too toxic most of the time. No one should be having to 'stand up for themselves' or get' a little bruised' just because they nominated for council. Getting 'a little bruised' is definitely not character building'. Most policies/workplaces and people would see that as bullying, The very thing that people complain about in local governments, I prefer to see the best in people and believe in raising people up with core ethical values of respect, justice, and civic virtue. Putting all council nominees through this behaviour at every election is surely not helpful to the cause. People being 'a little harsh' is certainly not beneficial to the cause and most of the time that harshness can be damaging. Most people wouldn't say to someone's face what they do on Fb and unfortunately people get the idea that elections are ' open season on candidates'.

If people want to know about candidates, like their page, follow their posts, check out their Web pages, email them and even go retro and communicate the old fashion way via telephone. That is the best way to speak to candidates. Social media platforms usually have an agenda or a 'preferred candidate' which is fabulous, but not by trying to undermine other people. One of the biggest issues with council is people don't vote and don't communicate with their candidates. Unfortunately elections are often won by who has the most money/profile/corflute's/leaflets and party connections. I am sure the rate payers like many other councils have had a 'rough deal'. Yet every year nothing changes because the same thing happens at every election a group of Fb pages get up and things can often turn nasty. They use the same tactics and what happens we get the same people over and over again, everyone should be encouraged to check out their candidates and vote of course.

People need to stop being told what to do or who to vote for. It's time for people to take responsibility.

Why should I 'defend myself' what have I done wrong that I need to 'defend myself'? Do you see a problem with that statement, preconceived ideas? This is why I hate Fb as a mode of communication.

As I said in my nomination I am not playing the game. I know most people are busy and doing their 3 jobs just to make ends meet and find it hard to find the time to research their candidates but it needs to be done before voting.

My webpage shows what I stand for, the many community recommendations, the protest marches, petitions, one of them being the largest received by council.

The words 'danger' 'soft' 'intimidated 'manipulated' again not helpful but condescending. Being 'soft' 'intimidated' or ' manipulated' are certainly not words I would use to describe me. The attempts of VRO by mayor and councillor of COJ. Trying to get you banned from chambers.

I have walked my talk and that is all I have ever done all my life is stand up for the 'underdog ' often at a cost to me either financially or personally but I wouldn't change a thing.

Having previously ran in elections I have experienced disgusting behaviour, including being called filthy names and even had hate mail sent to my house. I am not interested in Fb discussions. I fully appreciate people's frustration but I really believe, if you have a choice always be kind. Now I understand that I will no doubt receive responses to this post but I won't entertain discussions on Fb as they are unhelpful and don't achieve much. I am however happy to speak to people via email, Web page or on the phone. People get very emotional on Fb and I don't think that it offers a platform for real clear communication transparency or clarity. All in all your dammed if you do and dammed if you don't.

Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes.

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