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  • Ziggi Murphy

A Vision for the City of Joondalup

Self Contained entertainment quarter near the train station for all generations.

Better street lights, ? sensor activated

Ban Glyphosate NOW

Retain community infrastructure for all the community

Stop selling our assets

Transparency and accountability

Trees, Trees and More Trees

Make Edgewater Quarry the Kings Park of the North

Rethink Infill

Work with the State Government to enhance Joondalup

Implement a COVID 19 plan to help residents and Businesses

Encourage micro business, small business with set up incentives

Encourage community participation within the community

Implement Community service-debt councillor service

Set up a Mayor fund for hardship

Rates- No privileges for paying upfront and No penalty for payment plans.

Use some community facilities to encourage the arts

Talk to the residents and ratepayers not just for selfies

It is not about what you know. It is about what you do. It is not about how much intelligence you have, it is about how much impact you make. We can all achieve our dreams.

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