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  • Ziggi Murphy

Connolly Residents Association Forum 4/10/2021

It is indeed an honour to be here tonight.

NURSE- As a nurse I have advocated for people all my working life my speciality was on oncology.. I want change and when I say change, I mean real change.

FRESH IDEAS -If you want fresh ideas, then the only person to vote for is me.

THINGS DONE- If you want things done for the residents, then the only person to vote for is me.

I am not going to stand up here and talk about my voting record or promise you the capital works program, because I am not in the council which is lucky as I have not been tainted.

MOTTO -I think the city’s motto should be We can do better

I want equality across the suburb’s fairness for all

Councillors to feel safe I want our Councillors to feel safe to have a different opinion and ask awkward questions for us without repercussion.

RESIDENTS- I want residents to feel welcome and be able to challenge decisions without repercussions.

If you want the same old same old, then there are your two candidates.

If you want unjaded and fresh, then you vote for me.

Fresh thinking is me not someone who has sat on their laurels for six years

Getting things done -you sure have -ruined 10 pockets of ten suburbs – destroyed the coast -got that done, filling green space with houses – yet you tried to get that done to.

BLOCK VOTING - Block voting is an issue in council where the council behave like MS13 gang, that could be said of the new gang currently running, the principle is the same you’re in or your out I won’t hold it against you I can rise above it.

Independent - getting said a lot in this election every candidate and their dog claims to be independent- you can’t be independent if you are a member of a political party, you can’t be independent if you are a member of a business association, you can’t be independent if you are a patron of this that and the other.

I only care about representing the people, I care about you, I care about our city. I want it to be a great place to live somewhere that people want to live.

I want a fair system You are the system, and the system needs to change and that is you. Stop falling for election spin.

I am a master qualified nurse who doesn’t take any bullshit. I will stand up for you, I will represent you. I will have your back.

Let’s talk about integrity Main roads informed us about election signs as soon as I became aware I removed mine did anyone else? That would be a no. Something so simple if you are ready and willing to break the rules during a campaign because no one enforces them. Are there any other rules they are willing to break?

Anyone here Put your hands up in the air if you have ever visited Paris, London, Glasgow, or Rome

So how do we create a city that is as inviting as them?

After recently talking to a resident, who came up with a great idea. I thought that a think tank for residents would be a great idea to get the community involved just imagine a resident coming up with an intriguing new idea that could benefit us all.

I want to see community centres provide services within the local community for areas for the arts, dance ballet tai chi.

This brings me to the city tai chi move.

Hands like this and hold the city in your hands, now it is precious, think what you would like to see, where would you like it to be in 20 years, what legacy do you want to leave. This your city our city

I want to see our suburbs beautified not just some of them. I like the idea of pocket parks. Contemplation gardens, think spaces.

I want the city to stop poisoning the people with pesticides and I want to like to feel safe when I walk the pavements at night. Far too many of the suburbs are dark and scary at night.

I want people to feel comfortable when they attend council meetings, I want to get rid of the suppressive atmosphere.

I would be your facilitator your referee between the administration and our representatives.

I want a level playing field quality and inclusion across the suburbs.

As Mayor I would like to see Joondalup putting itself on the map as one of the first councils to provide female hygiene products to any woman in need. With strong leadership and advocacy, we could push Local, State and Federal Governments to get on board to put an end to period poverty.1 in 4 woman can’t afford them. Which brings me to

I feel quite privileged as a woman to be standing here considering it wasn’t that long ago, we weren’t even allowed to vote.

I will leave you with a final thought.

Socrates said the secret of change is to focus all your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.

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