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  • Ziggi Murphy

Disappointed, Yes that nothing changed.

The local government elections are over and what fun and games were had. If only people knew how dirty these elections really were. Of course there will be the people who say "your just upset because you didn't get elected".

That couldn't be further from the truth, I am disappointed in what should be community members putting their hand up to represent the community. Turns out in fact to be party political games. Party politics interfering as usual of course, they will say "that is not true". Ask yourself why the 'power brokers' of the parties appear at local government elections on result night. How many party members or affiliates are elected? I am disappointed at the 'non affliated candidates' not having the resources or contacts that matters so much.

I am disappointed at the disregard at every election for election signage. I mean how hard is it to follow instructions? After all if you can't follow instructions for something so simple how on earth are you going to manage in council? The favouring by sitting members again goes against the rules but it continues every election cycle, in fact the same election games are played every election.

The local government election playbook

1. Nominate

2. Put posters up -only to watch them be vandalised or torn down.

3. Complain about it on Fb and have people criticise you for complaining about it.

4. Watch candidates put signs up in all the wrong places. Breaking all the rules and nothing gets done.

5. Leaflets , spend lots of money because if you don’t it obviously means you don’t care, the more pages and colour and photos the better, repeat 3 times.

6. Receive emails asking about your stance on pro-life which of course has nothing to do with local government.

7. Build your profile.

8. Join FB groups, grow broad shoulders.

9. Get asked lots of weird questions on Facebook about “but what are you going to do” most likely from people who don’t ask the actual people who can do something.

10. Make sure you get endorsements; they definitely prove you’re the one.

11. Councillor endorsements are the best, for those are like the signs, they break the rules.

12. Attend Q&A organised by resident associations and community groups.

13. Get used to being loved but also being hated.

14. Get used to people not understanding what local government actually does.

15. Take selfies of yourself doing community things, like pointing at stuff and buying coffee.

16. Door knock as much as you can, promise people that you can do things for them even when you might have a 1 in 7 chance of being elected.

17. Remember it’s ok to realise it’s not what you thought it would be like.

18. Find that current go to issue that is present at the time and if there isn’t one make one up or two if you can.

19. When ballot papers are received take pictures and show people how to put a number in a box.

20. Get picture of you posting you ballot paper.

21. Buy popcorn and read the fb posts of who is better than who.

22. Get abused by voters when you can't help them and direct them to current sitting member local, state and federal who actually are in power and could help them.

23. Once elected becoming a JP is a must.

24. But most of all have fun.

25. Lastly, remember only about 25% actually vote meaning 75% appear not to care.

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