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Election time again -Local Government Elections are Upon us

It's local government election time again, the season of goodwill and harmony, if only that was true. This is the time that people like to bring other people down. There is no doubt that local government elections bring out the worst in some people.

I am not interested in playing the games, this isn't my first rodeo and boy will the haters remind me. Yes I have run in previous elections and always for the right reasons .I would love to see change that benefits the people. I think we deserve better in all levels of government. Don't you?

I am running again in the hope that we can get change, this time for Wanneroo council. I was involved in local government where I used to live, I attended council meetings every month, organised petitions, and even organised two protest marches to the council chambers, In the hope of trying to stop bad infill in the suburbs and encouraging the council to do better consultation. You won’t be seeing corflute pictures of me everywhere; elections shouldn’t be based on how much money you have to promote yourself. I personally don’t like littering the suburbs with election signs. Or inundating our letter boxes with leaflets which statistically we know most of them end up in the bin. I don’t want to play that game; I do care, I do want to represent the residents and ratepayers of Wanneroo and I do want to see change and I hope you do as well.

My fellow residents and ratepayers of Wanneroo ask yourself ‘can we do better?’ and if the answer is ‘yes’ then I humbly ask that you place a number 1 next to Ziggi Murphy , together we have the power to make a difference.

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