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  • Ziggi Murphy

It is indeed an honour to be standing as a candidate for Wanneroo.

As a healthcare worker I have advocated for people all my life both in and outside of work. I want change and when I say change, I mean real change.

CREATING GOOD OUTCOMES - If you want things done for the residents, then vote for me. I haven't been on council which is great because I have not been tainted.

COUNCILLORS TO FEEL SAFE - I want our councillors to feel safe to have a different opinion and ask the awkward questions without repercussion. To be able to stand up for the residents.

RESIDENTS - I want residents to feel welcome and be able to challenge decisions without repercussions. I would like to see an end to purple circle behaviour. Have the residents feel comfortable when they attend council meetings. Community centres providing services inline with the community needs. Such as interests like the arts, dance or tai chi. Stop for a moment, take a breath, hold your hands in front of your abdomen, now pretend that you are holding a ball, now think of that ball as you holding your city, you now have the city in your hands.

As you hold the city in your hands, ask yourself where would you like to see your city in 20 years. What legacy do you want to leave for your city. I want to see our suburbs beautified, not just some of them. Maybe, pocket parks, contemplation gardens, think places, sport facilities, these are just ideas. What do you want? What about a think tank for residents, just imagine a resident giving rise to an intriguing new idea that could benefit us all.

I want to see the city alive with new energy, new people, new businesses, great food, music and culture. My priorities would align with the best interests of the residents and ratepayers. It's time for change, time to harness our momentum.

SOCRATES SAID 'the secret of change is to focus all your energy, not fighting the old, but on building the new'.

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