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Local Government Election Mayor of Wanneroo 2023 Character Statement

I now live in Wanneroo; I am a wife and mother of three wonderful children. I have spent my life working in healthcare, advocating for people. I want to advocate for you as Mayor, I will bring honesty and transparency. I could tell you about what I would do from the capital works program, but I won’t. I am tired of people making promises at election time and still nothing really changes. The only time people attend council meetings is when they have a ‘gripe’. Council meetings should be about exchanges of information thoughts and ideas that the community get involved in to make Wanneroo a great place to live. I want to see a vibrant CBD, beautiful suburbs and good amenities fitting with the community needs. Of course, I can’t do this by myself I need your help. I need you to vote for change and to be part of the change you want to see. I can give you my ideas, but this is our city and I want to hear what you would like to see. One promise I can make is, I will work for you and represent you. I was involved in my previous local government, attending council meetings every month, organising petitions, and even organised two protest marches to the council chambers, trying to stop bad infill in the suburbs and encouraging the council to do better consultation. You won’t be seeing signs of me everywhere; elections shouldn’t be based on how much money you have to promote yourself. I personally don’t like littering the suburbs with election signage, or inundating our letter boxes with leaflets, which statistically we know most of them end up in the bin. I don’t want to play that game; I do want to see change and I hope you do as well. My fellow residents and ratepayers of Wanneroo ask yourself ‘can we do better?’ and if the answer is ‘yes’ then I humbly ask that you place a number 1 next to Ziggi Murphy and vote for real change, together we have the power to make a difference.

Warm and Kind Regards


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