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  • Ziggi Murphy

Running for WA Senate

Ziggi needs your help. It will be expensive to run in the Federal election. Ziggi is now in a predicament, she has lost her job due to forced mandates and medical procedures. She will struggle to find money to fund the campaign for WA Senate. It is so unfair. Can you help?

Ziggi has previously spent a large amount of her own money in elections, trying to bring about change. This time it might be impossible to even run, if she doesn't get your help with donations. CAN YOU HELP? Do you want real change?

It is pretty obvious that the duopoly don't care much for the people, over the coming months they will promise you the earth..

There is a donation button on the page. Please donate and help Ziggi get in the running to help us get the much needed change.

Thank You

Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

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