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Please place a tick in the box next to Ziggi Murphy and post your ballot form before the 14th of October or deliver to the city administration building (up until 5.45pmon the 16th of October). I’m going to be a mayor who always makes sure those who lack a voice, those who have been forgotten, have a voice at the table. Because I firmly believe you either are at the table or on the menu.

Do you know that only 20-30% or resident/ratepayers vote in council election? It’s barely democratic. A vote for Ziggi Murphy is a vote for empowering residents. As mayor my priorities will align with the best interests of the residents/ratepayers.

I want the city to be alive with new energy, new people, new businesses, great food, music, and culture.

We need a fresh, new, dynamic leader who can harness our momentum. We cannot afford more of the same old, same old with the same people, the same characters, the same ideas with no new solutions. We are a great city and great cities do not accept more of the same. Great cities do great things and think about their future and where they will be in 30 years.

The back of my business cards gives you some ideas of what I would like to see, but it is not about me, it is about us. How do you see your city in 30 years? What would you like to see happen now?

I care about the city and the community in it. As a nurse I have always advocated for people. I will advocate for you. I will represent you and will listen to you. I am honest, transparent, and trustworthy.


Place a tick in the box next Ziggi Murphy

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