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  • Ziggi Murphy

Who wants F'N NORMAL

I hear the expressions "Back to normal" and "Can't wait till we get back to normal".

What is your normal?

Is it thousands of cars back on the road? Or is it more people continuing to work from home?

Is it time all those huge corporations start up again polluting the world? Or is it time to look at better ways to produce goods?

Is it fire up those coal plants? Or to move to cleaner energy production like solar?

Should it really be the kids taking to the streets to protest their right to a cleaner world? Or should governments already be on to it?

Is it time to ignore the animals and let them go extinct? Or is it time to change how we look at them?

Do we go back to charities looking after the homeless? Or do we put better resources in place to put an end to this problem?

Do we continue with the increased benefits? Or do we go back to criticising them as dole bludgers?

Do we rush back to worrying about what the celebrities are doing? Or do we worry about how our neighbours are doing?

Are we still happy that the penalty rates are gone? Or did you realise these were some of the people who deserved it the most?

Do you want your government to pass bills that discriminate by protecting someone else's discrimination? Or do you want your government to think about you and not themselves?

Do you really want your government mandating health requirements under the name of fear? Or do you want to keep your freedom of medical choice?

Do you want your pension when your 75? Or do you want it when your 62 and still young enough to enjoy it.

Did you stand on your driveway in remembrance for those who fought for your right to have freedoms? How hard will you now fight to keep those freedoms?

Normal I don't want Normal. I want better than normal.

Lets make it better together.

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