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Decisions Decisions Decisions

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Have you ever thought about it? There are only a few people who decide what happens in your life.

Local government -people vote for the person who is going to represent them. Nope think again. People don't think, really think about who they are voting for, in fact in Local Government elections people don't even bother to vote.

State government- People only vote for the two main party's they don't bother to research the people standing in their electorate.

Federal Governments- Same as above People only vote for the two main party's.

People do not understand that in State and Federal elections you have preferential voting,

this is a fantastic tool that allows you to elect an independent.

All these levels of government make decisions for you without ever really consulting you. Think about it. In Local Government 13 people make all the decisions for you, yes 13 people. They decide if you get a skate park or high rise development. Unfortunately a number of people elected in Local Government are only there to use it as a stepping stone to further themselves within the party elite.

State government members take selfies of themselves dishing out your money (the taxpayer) as if it came from their own bank. There are 95 members of parliament making decisions for 2.6 million people. So when you elect these people you had better make darn sure they are going to look out for your interests. Unfortunately their first interest is for the party. They cannot afford to upset the party or they won't get moved up in the ranks. Reward is everything. What do you think ministerial positions are for?

Federal Government, to be honest I don't have a good word to say about them and if you knew what I know neither would you.

I just want people to see past the two party's and realise that there is more than just them. All party's have an alliance to the party before you.

I really want to see change and make a difference, enough of this bulls#it that goes on. Don't be sucked in by the party's.

Time for us to think for ourselves.

After all you are amazing.

Nothing Changes If Nothing Changes

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