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Purple Crowd

Community Recommendations 

Dave Mustang Print Joondalup

I'd like to endorse Ziggi Murphy for Mayor due to the fact I feel she truly does stand behind all her policies

and I especial like her slogan,

"Nothing changes if nothing changes " Cause it's true!!

Joondalup has been stagnant for years. I've been a Local Businessman since 1992,let me tell you; we have been at a  standstill for near on 10 years now. Its time for Joondalup to show its full potential. Ziggi,100% supports & uses all local Trades and businesses.

Ziggi can make this a reality. 

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Jo Baker Edgewater Resident 6027

"As short-sighted development across the City of Joondalup continues to cause irreversible damage to our beautiful coast, bushland areas and leafy suburbs, it's reassuring to see a candidate who stands for the considered approach and appropriate progress our community and its future generations need."


Lynda Purser  Edgewater resident 6027

Ziggi Murphy is a regular and active participant at COJ council meetings. Intelligent and articulate, Ziggi has demonstrated strong leadership in representing the needs of the many residents in the City of Joondalup. 

Ziggi is community minded and as Mayor, she will be a catalyst for positive change within the council environment. Ziggi is a trustworthy individual who will lead with honesty and integrity. The city desperately needs a huge dose of these qualities. Vote Ziggi Murphy for Mayor.


Steve & Blanka Field ​Edgewater 6027  

First of all Thankyou from myself and the rest of the Edgewater community and come to that the whole of of the City of Joondalup for putting yourself forward to represent our city as The Mayor (The City of Joondalup,) in the many years that we have known you you have shown great pride a  passion in all that you do and have been involved in and followed it through you would show great leadership and passion for all in our community's and have shown and highlighted to us on many occasions that Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes !!!!


Jean Ireland Edgewater Resident 6027

From time to time , one meets a person who really wants to make a difference in their community and Ziggi Murphy is one of these people. She listens to those who sometimes don't feel they have a voice or are continually thwarted by the establishment and she literally puts her money where her mouth is, regarding her principles. She will put the voice of her community first, and because Ziggi has fought for what she believes in the past as an ordinary rate payer, she understands how we all feel. I believe that she would make an excellent Mayor of Joondalup and we be uncompromising and fair representative for "you" "the community "and the "people of Joondalup"


Trentech Automotives

Ziggi has been a loyal customer for years, she understands the importance of using local businesses. I admire her determination, standing up for what she believes in and trying to make a difference for Joondalup. Good Luck Ziggi

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