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  • Ziggi Murphy

Density doesn't actually have to mean dense does it?

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Just when you think things can’t get any worse, along comes the Medium Density Codes (MDC). The City of Joondalup are lodging a submission on the MDC on behalf of the residents.

The MDC’s will increase the intensity of developments in medium density coded areas and increase the dwelling yields. The MDC’s will increase the number of apartment developments and triplexes.

The attitude of the more you can get on a block the better will prevail. Developments will come thick and fast, and they won’t be pretty. Housing Opportunity Areas (HOA ) in the City of Joondalup will be crucified if these codes are allowed to go ahead.

Parking on the roads and traffic are going to be a nightmare and not just the HOA will be affected. I really don’t know what the state are thinking going forward with these codes. The MDC’s are not people friendly.

A great writer once said, “the more often a stupidity is repeated, the more it gets the appearance of wisdom”.

The residents say Yes, to infill no nimby’s here, yes to developments preferable good ones, after all, you can’t build great things from poor foundations.

I asked the City of Joondalup to take this chance to speak for the residents. To be bold and stand with the community. Tell the state we want better for our community.

As Voltaire once said, “Every person is guilty of all the good he didn’t do.”

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