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  • Ziggi Murphy

Purple Revolution

I am quite terrified at the thought of a looming recession.

I get very frustrated by the people who voted without care and attention.

I do not understand why people voted this government back in.

I don't understand why people voted for the MP's they did.

But they didn't. They just voted for a party.

The lack of peoples understanding of anything political is going to have some terrible consequences for us in Australia.

Let’s look at a few issues;

Cutting penalty rates. How was that ever going to help the economy? What keeps the economy afloat is the people spending their money in the local shops/restaurants and cafes. If people don’t have money to spend on a night out then the cafes and restaurants cinemas will shut. There will be less jobs available. If there are no jobs people will lose hope and have no money to spend. Its a downward spiral.

The politicians will take their pay rise and bank it. The well off will continue to take the money and bank it. Their savings and surplus will do nothing for the rest of us. Who will be left fighting over the crumbs. One-upping each other with a newer phone.

People are living on Newstart and are living in poverty and no one cares. Politicians are getting pay rises and no one cares. The cards are starting to fall.

If people believe that the penalty rate cut will not affect them, they are delusional.

When they came for the retail workers with the automated checkouts, you said nothing. When the companies began to roll out automated trains, you said nothing.

So when they come for the nurses penalty rates don’t expect anyone to care.

I stood up I tried to make a change and few stood with me. Maybe when more people have nothing to lose they will stand with me. I want people to care, to get passionate about making where they live great.

To stop listening to the bullshit and fear mongering the politicians feed us.

I want people to get involved, to make a difference, to be part of a community. We are all in this together and we can choose to rise up together or bury our heads in the sand and hope it will all work out OK.

Lets see if we can do this

If you have read this far please go onto my Fb page and comment

1st comment " What a great time for a purple revolution"

2nd comment "Too true my friend"

3rd comment "The sky maybe blue"

4th comment "The clouds maybe red"

All other comments-" If you mix them together, you get a purple revolution "

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