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  • Ziggi Murphy

Money Money Money

One of my pet hates is when government officials boast about how "We" are spending all this money on " ". Standing there taking selfies proud as punch spending other peoples money. Making out as if they somehow miraculously found this money and decided with the royal 'we', what they would do with it.

Why is it; governments forget who pays their wages and who provides the money they so love to spend.?

People are forever handing over money, paying rates, paying tax on their wages, paying tax on goods bought, tax on saving accounts (if your lucky enough to have some), road tax, and many other ways governments get money from the people.

Something to think about

In the year 2021-22 across all levels of government, total taxation revenue was:

  • $683.0 billion

  • $89.9 billion (15.2%) higher than 2020-21

  • 29.6% as a percentage of GDP.

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