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Never give up- Keep on Protesting

RESIDENTS again made their voices heard regarding infill development in the City of Joondalup last night.

The second Joondalup Community Peaceful Protest saw about 150 people march to the Joondalup Civic Centre before the council sat for its first meeting of the year.

It followed the first march in November where the same chant rang through the streets: “What do we want? Representation. When do we want it? Now!”.

At the council meeting, protest organiser and Edgewater resident Ziggi Murphy said she moved to the area in 2008 so her family could live in a leafy, quiet suburb with a spacious garden, parks and a lake.

“I did not choose to live in a housing opportunity area and I never would because I can see the awful consequences of putting huge amounts of people into small pockets of only 10 suburbs,” she said.

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