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Not My Words

Let me tell you about Ziggi Murphy. She saw inaction and built momentum. She organised 2 of the most successful protest marches in Joondalup history. It was her march that stopped the Craigie tower. She petitioned day and night against the HOAs in Edgewater, setting up a stall at Edgewater shops in an action I've never seen before with 1500 signatures. That's commitment. That's leadership.

She is devoted to making Joondalup better by throwing all her own money into independent political campaigns in the off chance that an idea to help Joondalup sticks in the minds of a major party. That's perseverance. That's selflessness. Ziggi Murphy will listen to the opinion of the most outspoken person and consider the implications instead of just disregarding them.

She has brilliant ideas for the city that just need the support of the community and will bring about positive change to a bland shopping mall...sorry city... Vote Ziggi Murphy. If you can help hand out flyers, have a garden sign or make a small donation. If you can let a friend know, to let a friend know, to let a friend know, let that first friend know.

Get a good Mayor. Get an honest Mayor.

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