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  • Ziggi Murphy

Nothing Changes If Nothing Changes

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

Prime Ministers and Governments, why we must let them know they are dispensable. It is dangerous for the voters to put these people on pedestals. When Prime Ministers/Governments believe that they are indispensable. They stop listening to the people around them. They start to consider themselves a fountain of knowledge and wisdom. They might even reach a god like status with the ‘thoughts and prayers’ crowd. They lose perspective. The people of Australia need to wake up and tell their governments they are replaceable and remind them who they work for. Shown time and time again that Scott Morrison is no leader, more of a manager, a marketer.

The bushfires; Madrid on climate change, the coalitions lack of care of our beautiful climate, allowing the cutting down of ancient forests. The economy: this government’s ability to allow companies such as Mirvac with an income of $7.6 billion over four years report a taxable income of $20 million and still pay no tax. Just one of many. People are very quick to forget. What about the legalisation for ASCIO being allowed to interrogate children as young as 14 and easier access to tracking devices under a new bill?

The clapping for healthcare workers, while a nice jester, a pay rise would be more appropriate. The lack of equality in education funding, three in every five dollars of Commonwealth funding goes to private schools. Australia has the 2nd most unequal education system in the developed world. Then of course there is the famous controversial cashless debit card that was brought in on the fear of the dole bludging.

What about the scandals of SportsRort, Reefgate, Helloworld, Paladin, cash4visas, Au pairs, Serco, Grassgate, Robodebt, NTgrants, Adani, Aged care, Angus Taylor or the Invasion of privacy? The lack of leadership in protecting our wildlife or banning Glyphosate. What about the government pushing for the World Health Organisation to be given the same powers as weapons inspectors? Did this leader take a pay cut to show solidarity in the millions that lost their jobs? The government relies on short memories and lack of interest except in the sensationalism of the media. It is our job to keep them honest and vote them out.

Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes.

Photo byKat YukawaonUnsplash

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