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  • Ziggi Murphy

There is never a wrong time to do right.

“I am going to stand as a candidate in the federal election” I said. Many people said, “you are so brave”. “Or mad” I said. There were a few things that brought me to my decision to run as an independent in this federal election. The main reason being that I believe governments have lost sight of who they are meant to represent. That is, to represent the people who elected them. I was talking to a member of a party yesterday at the pre-polling station, they said that their party brought legislation in but that the other party changed it. I stood there and looked at them and said “what you have just said is one of the main reasons why I am running as an independent, that is all party’s ever do: blame each other for the mess they make". There is no accountability for these party’s, whenever they legislate it affects us, (the people) we are the ones who must suffer the consequences of their childish behaviour. I really believe that neither of the large party’s care about the people. Both major party’s know that either of them are guaranteed to be voted in and then they can continue playing their childish blame games again. A number of people are pre-polling voting but is that a good thing? Do they have all the information? I am not so sure they do. As an independent your budget is a lot less than the party’s budget, I am only managing to get my leaflets out now and yet a large number of people have already attended pre-polling. So far, I have received 4 leaflets from one party, all of which have been posted. Leaflets (not printed in the local area) and postage could cost around 30,000 dollars per leaflet, maybe more or less for bulk. The other main party also have a large campaign budget and resources. I feel that democracy might have gone out the window. Expensive leaflets, posted letters, corflutes by the dozen, posters, signs, advertising and party connections including access to an army of volunteers. Does it really come down to how many resources you have and large donations you can access? Is it all just a marketing campaign? Then yes of course you are in a better position to become elected. We don’t have a democracy we have a money-pocracy. #winningmooreifyouhavelotsofmoney.

An end note, I wouldn’t change my decision to run even knowing what I know, as there is never a wrong time to do right.

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