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  • Ziggi Murphy

Those who vote for the person in power are “rewarded” with victory, so they carry on doing it.

Updated: May 25, 2019

I am a little perplexed by the idea of a SAFE seat. How can a seat be safe?

Surely people vote every election based on how well an elected member has benefited them or how well a government has produced positive results for the electors/citizens.

The current (which was also the previous government); Implemented robo debt, removed penalty rates,introduced cashless welfare trials, have 1 in 6 kids live in poverty, found billions of dollars for out of date submarines and fighter jets, 50 million on another captain cook figure (for the PMs seat), slashed funding for schools and hospitals,funding of half a billion for a war memorial upgrade, 200 MILLION from taxes for political ads, allowed banks to have a say on the terms of their own royal commission.

They allow hundreds of companies to pay no taxes and give other companies large amounts of money; paladin 423 million, great barrier reef foundation 444million, giving Rupert Murdoch a tax rebate of 800 plus million. Not to mention the Murray darling basin fiasco. Not to mention the new public service cuts to fund those last-minute knee-jerk promises.

Closer to home, the elected member for Moore voted strongly for;

A same-sex marriage plebiscite, civil celebrants having the right to refuse to marry same-sex couples, an emissions reduction fund, charging postgraduate research students fees, decreasing ABC and SBS funding, decreasing availability of welfare payments, deregulating undergraduate university fees, removing Sunday and public holiday penalty rates, increasing indexation of HECS-HELP debts, increasing or removing the Government debt limit, increasing the Medicare Levy to pay for the National Disability Insurance Scheme, increasing the price of subsidised medicine, making more water from Murray-Darling Basin available to use, privatising government assets, putting welfare payments onto restricted debit cards, reducing the corporate tax rate, the Coalition's new schools funding policy ("Gonski 2.0") and tighter means testing of family payments.

The Australian people deserve better than this. The people of Moore deserve better than this. When we vote we have a responsibility to know who we are voting for and why. I cannot believe that the people of Moore when voting were voting for this. Is this really what we wanted? #Mooredeservesbetter #NothingChangesifNothingChanges

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