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  • Ziggi Murphy

Why run as an Independent?

Updated: Jan 31, 2019

I intend to run as an independent in the Moore division in the next election. I want to do this to represent you and not a political party.

Like many people, I am fed up with the broken promises and fractured governments.

The Australian voter now has to choose between the lesser of two evils at each election. There is an unspoken rule that you must vote one to stop the tyranny of the other. But this is a myth, a falsehood even I have been at fault of.

The division does not even stop at party loyalty, there is also a significant importance placed on faction loyalty. Even if you are voting for your party, you may be inadvertently voting for a candidate that does not align with your views or values.

The candidate of a party is usually at the mercy of the party elites and is at risk of losing their seat as early as pre-selection. Because they must answer to the party, they often stand for nothing more than re-election. A tiny proportion of the population belong to political parties and yet they make almost all of the decisions for the country. With such high proportions of members of parties in the eastern states, is it any surprise that we get left out in WA let alone in Moore.

The major parties also have the advantage of a cash flow and can bombard us with advertising on TV, Radio and Newspapers. They do not even have to show their candidate, just a strong marketing campaign.

As an independent, I am not beholden to any party and can vote accordingly on issues. I live in Moore and I want the best for Moore. I am an average person with the same day to day struggles as many of you. I am not flashy tv ads or a team of cold callers. I am here for Moore.

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