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  • Ziggi Murphy

What will you do?

It is time for the people to become politically involved and to put a stop to this status quo of blue in blue out, red in red out. These people know they have the ultimate power and that is why they don’t care about you or me. Their arrogance is astounding.

They see nothing wrong with having 181 dollars a day for their meals while the elderly are entitled to 6. They see nothing wrong with giving themselves pay rises when everyone else has gone without for 5 years or more.

They took your penalty rates. They want to destroy unions. You know the people that got you better working conditions like your holidays. They bring in legislation to stop you protesting. How on earth do you think anything has been achieved in the past?

They want to be able to stop you from getting employment if you’re not religious enough. Would Jesus have hated this government? He was a giver, a healer and he cared about the people. 

They allow fracking in your state. They want to roll out 5g when other countries are questioning the safety.

I thought they were working for us. Do they even care about you?

We now have self-serve check outs, just so companies don’t need to pay staff members. When there are no jobs and no taxes, where will the government get the money from?

Meanwhile they get you to hate people on benefits and yet if they did a survey you would be surprised by the number of people on welfare who have degrees and qualifications but just can’t find a job. If they raised Newstart and other benefits the money would feed in at the bottom. This trickle-down system sure isn’t working!

Politicians seem to be the best selfie photo takers in the world. Look at me. Look what I have done for you. At least they make out that they are doing something for you. Yet is it not your tax money they are using to fund it? So really, you are doing it, not them.

People moan about the politicians but do nothing to change it. Nothing Changes If Nothing Changes

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