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  • Ziggi Murphy

Yellagonga Pedalathon

Updated: Sep 11, 2021

Imagine Joondalup's own little Tour de France with a twist.

A family cycle event where participants jump on their bicycle, handcycle, tricycle, balance bike or any other non-motorised cycle and make their way around lake Joondalup.

In collaboration with the City of Wanneroo, there could be intervals at any or all of the major parks along the way. Have yourself some healthy food from the food vans, car-boot sales, bike doctors, First Aid, amusements, activities and rides.

You could collect a sticker or scan your OR code from each interval and for those that manage to complete the whole 16k loop would receive a medal. It's no mean feat but it sure is a great way to put some k’s on the Fitbit. Not to mention the positives of healthy eating, exercise, fresh air and a community getting together.

It has been said that Children who learn to cycle from a young age, can expect to see a number of health benefits. Cycling improves balance, muscle tone and coordination, and is great for getting blood pumping and little bodies oxygenated.

Imagine a day filled with laughter and families enjoying each others company. Having some healthy food that you bring with your picnic and blanket. Or explore the stalls and enjoy something healthy to eat. Maybe treat yourself to something nice from one of the vendors or enjoy the music performed by local artists and bands.

Photo by Mark Stosberg on Unsplash

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