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  • Ziggi Murphy

You heard it here first. I don’t want to say I told you so

The future is something most people dream about. They hope for better times.

However, I’d say the future is looking bleak. Especially on the job front. I think the government needs to act now. What jobs will there be in the future if the push continues for profit and automation? What will be our future and our children children’s futures?

Not long ago was the introduction of the self-serve checkouts. These were brought in to so that retailers could meet the demands of the ‘time-starved’ consumer. You must ask yourself, how are we so time poor? 

I do not use to self-serve checkouts as I do not get paid to work in the store. It is not my job and I want to keep people in jobs. I often stand in the queue waiting for the single checkout operator, watching the customers go off to the self-serve and wondering if these people fully understand the consequences of their actions.Obviously, they don’t, or they would not be doing what they are doing. The self-serve checkout was the start of the push for reducing wages and increasing profits. The push has become more of a shove now.

Currently we are seeing the push for automation, Woolworths, pushing for robots to do the work of people. The automation of trains. What happens to all those kids who want to be a train driver when they grow up? Or your driver-less shuttle bus in Perth. No more dreams of becoming a bus driver. When will it stop? They even have automated bar tenders in Las Vegas.

All this automation leaves us with what? Jobs? How? If we continue down this road the rate of unemployment will explode, and the governments will have more ‘dole bulgers’, their words, not mine.  Seriously have you ever thought about where this is all going, all this progression. It might be increasing profits for companies in the short term but in the long term how will it do that?

Who will be buying the goods when the unemployment rate is 50% or more? If half the population are unemployed and not paying tax and the governments continue to allow large companies to pay no tax, then where is the money coming from to provide services? If people have no money to spend how will the companies make any profit. The government needs to start planning for the future now, this is problem is not going to go away. All this automation means less communication. What will become of us? I don't want to be the one to say I told you so.  .

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